BUSINESS | February 14, 2022

by Stephanie Ritz

 Quitting the 9-5 & How To Find
The Time To Start

You have a solid job, you excel at it. The money is decent, the benefits are good, you even like most of the people you work with – so why aren’t you happy then? Why do you have this urge to pack up your desk and throw caution to the wind?

Maybe you just want a little more money. Or maybe you’d like more vacation time. Or maybe you want something a little more challenging….

Or, hear me out, maybe the reason you’re not happy in your current job is because you’re missing a key component. That thing lacking in your corporate career that you feel like you should have had by now, but you misplaced it somewhere deep in your desk… is fulfillment.

We want more than just a job and something to do. Many of us desire something MORE. We want to be more, do more, achieve more… and feel GOOD when we do it. So what does that look like and how can you mix in a little fulfillment into your recipe?

Finding Fulfillment In What You Do

There’s a little (or maybe not so little) dream inside you that is bursting to be let out – and frankly, maybe you just downright hate the work you currently do – but the freedom to make your own schedule or have more financial independence is calling out to you, and you’re ready to answer!

Have you considered starting your own coaching or consulting business? Spoiler: You already have all the skills you need to do so, and you can bring to life that inspiration, that purpose to life, make a difference AND make money doing it!

Imagine putting that last puzzle piece – the fulfillment – into its place and finally creating the life you desire so that you can cultivate alignment and inspiration in your career. 

Launch Your Business (While Still Working the 9-5)

When it comes to launching a business, I have a signature 6-step process to start that you’re going to want to get your hands on. And I’m spilling all the details in this IG video:

For reference, let’s recap those 6-steps:




        • Step 1 – Make the decision that this is something you’re going to do – this seems like the simplest step, but it can be the hardest.


        • Step 2 – Know your financial goals. How are you elevating your life with your business?


        • Step 3 – Find clarity around what exactly you want to do. Do you want to be a coach? Do you want to be a consultant? What does that look like for you?


        • Step 4 – Create a realistic work schedule, and a realistic time frame of how long and how much time you have to actually spend on your business.


        • Step 5 – It’s time to set up your business foundations. What operational things do you need to run your business, your program, your services, your marketing strategy, all of those things?


        • Step 6 – Bring on support to truly implement and take your business to the next level.



Grow A Business You Already Have (So You Can Quit The 9-5)




Maybe you already have the business idea in place and have started the process. Maybe you have one foot already out the door and you’re ready to just GO. In the above video, I also included my 4-step process for how to grow you business (go back and watch the video if you haven’t yet, it’s a good one, promise!), so here’s that quick recap:




      • Step 1 – It’s all about your mindset. Mindset is not something that is one and done. It’s an ongoing journey.


      • Step 2 – Bring in the strategy, and make sure you give it time to work. Sit with it. Explore it. Allow it to grow. Give yourself enough time to let it work before you abandon it and try something new, but also be willing to tweak it along the way.


      • Step 3 – Execution. It’s time to actually do the thing. Show up. Put it out there. Execution of the strategy doesn’t have to be perfect, but it does have to be consistent and you have to give it time.


      • Step 4 – Don’t be afraid to invest in support. Just like step 6 above, eventually we all hit a point in our business where we find ourselves unable to do it alone anymore. And that’s OK – bring on the support.



Now, if you have that 4-step process down, but you’re feeling like overwhelm is holding you back from really stepping out, especially if you find yourself always saying you “don’t have the time”? Check out my tips on how to maximize your calendar for success in this IG video, and bring that pen and paper, there are tons of tips you’re going to want to start implementing today:




















































































































































































































































































































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Start Your Business With Support

Here’s the thing, the biggest takeaway for all of the above, is that you CAN launch your business. If you’re ready to get started TODAY, then it’s time to take action.

And this is exactly what I do – help powerful business people like you get started in creating a profitable and sustainable business. With one-on-one coaching, you don’t have to figure out all of the things alone – we are in this together.

You will have a dedicated partner to work through the process of building a business while also cultivating a CEO mindset for success so that you don’t have to waste time figuring out ALL THE THINGS and you can start making money and creating impact faster and with less stress.

I’ve got 20 years of corporate leadership and entrepreneurial experience up my sleeves to help get you there. If you’re ready, just say the word and let’s get you into my 1:1 personalized package so you can start building your business NOW! Click here and let’s start the conversation!

About The Author

Stephanie Ritz is a business strategist and mindset coach who empowers women to tap into their strengths, skills, and desires to build a second income stream while in their full-time job. Her unique approach combines mindset coaching with business strategy to help professional women create a second income stream through building a coaching, consulting, or online-service business. 

Stephanie developed her coaching and mentoring skills through training as a Certified Coach and an NLP Master Practitioner and drawing on her own life experience. Starting as a single, teen mom, she put herself through school and went on to corporate leadership roles in multiple industries while starting two successful businesses.

For more information or to work with Stephanie, please visit www.ClaimYourCareer.com.

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