Plane Ride To Profits

The luxury business coaching experience abroad to create independence, income, and impact with your coaching or consulting business.

Secure your spot now and transform your coaching or consulting business.

Stephanie Ritz
Stephanie Ritz

I Feel Your Hustle and I See You

Doing ALL THE THINGS to build your business alongside your busy life so you can leave your 9-5 behind but you’re struggling to get results with your limited time.

Pouring your heart into your content but it’s not generating the results you’re aiming for.

Consuming all the free training and webinars and podcasts to learn how to create results, but still feeling stuck.

Searching for the right systems, processes, and strategies to bring ease into your business so you can focus on clients.

I see you standing in your power to create the business and lifestyle you deserve and deciding to go all in!

Picture this…

Sipping on wine in the vineyards of Tuscany or eating a french macaroon in a little cafe in France as we build your business. This is the experience we will breathe in as we build your business from incredible locations while we:

🌟 Co-create the 6-figure strategies for your coaching or consulting business for the next 90-days

🌟 Have an incredible local experience to bring inspiration, motivation and connection to build your business with none of the distractions from home

🌟 The collaborative creation of what your business needs most – Funnels, email sequences, web copy, social media content, mindset, etc…

🌟 A rock-solid implementation plan that fits into your busy life back home

🌟 Indulge in incredible meals and luxurious accommodations, free from stress and distractions

🌟 Cultivate and implement your plan with months of business coaching and support to create momentum and accountability to your goals


Stephanie Ritz

This Intensive Is For You If…

√ You’re a coach or consultant who is ready to launch your new business with the right strategies and the confidence to build a 6-figure foundation

√  You’re a current coach or consultant who wants to create consistent income so that you can leave the 9-5 for good

√  You want long-term support so that you don’t have to implement these strategies alone

√  You want to bring ease and mindfulness into your business so you can stress less and attract in more of what you desire through confident, consistent action and daily routines

Does that sound like you?   

What’s Included:

Each location is unique and will come with different benefits. Whichever location you choose, pre-intensive support will be included as well as follow-up support.

All locations include local transportation, luxury accommodation, a local or relaxing experience, and decadent meals. This intensive is designed to create a luxury experience that will allow for creativity, inspiration, and motivation.

In order to secure your spot, a $500 deposit is required and monthly payment plans are available. Spots are extremely limited so don’t wait to inquire!

If you would like to extend your business trip for additional days to enjoy the beautiful location, you are welcome to do so and we can offer travel assistance.

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Choose Your Intensive Track For Your Coaching Or Consulting Business:

→  6-Figure Strategies: for current coaches and consultants who want to create consistent sales and growth to build a 6-figure business, available in all locations

Mindset Reset: for current coaches and consultants who are ready to accelerate their business results through building a mindset for success and CEO energy, available in all locations

Launch Your New Business: for corporate professionals who want to start a coaching or consulting side hustle or existing entrepreneurs who want to launch a new business model, please check out the Paris Start-Up Group Retreat


Available Locations

Tap on the location to learn more!


Asheville, NC

Here’s What Clients Have To Say:

Dr. Marine Avagyan

“Steph has been my business coach for 8 months and working with her has been amazing. She has helped me create the strategies and the mindset to grow my business and generate income through impactful offers for my clients. Our weekly zoom sessions are fantastic as well as the in-between support, but when I had a chance to do an in-person luxury intensive with her, it truly was a game-changer.

By removing all the distractions from home and being relaxed and taken care of during our 2 days together, I was able to completely focus on my business. We accomplished so much in our time together including mindset shifts and strategies that I’m excited to execute.

We had so much fun and it was the exact thing I needed to push my business to the next level. I would absolutely recommend Steph as a Business Coach and definitely for an in-person experience.”

– Angel Rush, Career Coach


Dr. Marine Avagyan

“Stephanie is absolutely worth the investment in yourself to work with her. You can’t put a price on the passion that Steph has in inspiring other people to realize their passion and elaborate on that.

You can’t buy this.

It was so refreshing to just have someone truly cheering me on, supported by her expertise, her knowledge, her plan. I would recommend Stephanie to friends, family, strangers off the street.

– Beth Ferrer, Entrepreneur and Mentor

Dr. Marine Avagyan

“When I first began working with Stephanie, I was searching for an escape route.

When I finally left my corporate job, I was not running away, and instead I was excitedly moving on towards my passion and purpose.

If I had to say it all in one sentence, I’d say that Stephanie is a fantastic coach in every way.”

– Dr. Marine Avagyan, Education Consultant and Leadership Coach




Investing in a business strategy that is perfectly aligned for you, creates the opportunity to:


💫 Have location and time freedom: The program will provide you with the tools and strategies you need to grow your business from anywhere and on your timeline.


💫 Generate uncapped income: fhis program will support your financial goals by providing resources for attracting new clients, pricing your products at top dollar, and strategically diversifying your produce suite.


💫 Make an impact: This program will help you realize your dream of doing meaningful work that you love by teaching you how to deliver more value to your clients, establish yourself as the expert, and reach the clients you’re excited to serve.


Ready to build your value-based business?

Get To Know Your Coach, Stephanie Ritz:

Hi, I’m Steph, a mom, adventure junkie, Philadelphia Eagles fan, business coach and world traveler. After spending 15 years in corporate, a tough divorce, and a cancelled bucket-list trip due to Covid, I decided I wanted more in my life, both personally and professionally. And that’s when I decided to start my coaching business alongside my corporate career.

In less than two year, I was able to transition out of my 9-5, move my son into his first apartment in Nashville, and start traveling the world full-time with a profitable business that I love. Creating impact by supporting my clients into entrepreneurship, being able to visit my son whenever I want (or as much as he’ll let me lol) without requiring PTO, and visiting new countries around the world has truly changed my life. And that’s the freedom and abundance I want to support you to create too.


If you’re excited about this opportunity but would like to schedule a chat to learn more about which program is right for you, I invite you to schedule a Discovery Call.

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