CAREER | July 17, 2021

by Stephanie Ritz

Should You Go Or Grow?

If you aren’t feeling satisfied or fulfilled in your career, you have two options: grow or go.

You can grow within your industry or go and start something new.

You get to decide on the life that you want. No pressing pause on your dreams. No stopping at “good enough”.

Both choices are a win and ones that will shape your future.

GROW In Your Current Career

Are you at a point in your career that you are feeling stagnant, stuck, or frustrated? Do you want to grow in your career but aren’t sure how to get ahead? In the GROW stage, you may be yearning to:

  1. Be more intentional with your time to avoid burnout
  2. Strengthen your mindset and belief in yourself
  3. Climb the ladder to a higher position or pay increase
  4. Build heart-centered leadership skills
  5. Confidently say yes to opportunities

GO And Create Your Own Path

Have you been considering starting your own business? Have you been waking up feeling drained at the thought of another day in your current job? You may be ready to GO and want to:

  1. Work for yourself and choose your own hours
  2. Learn how to make the switch to becoming an entrepreneur
  3. Overcome doubt and imposter syndrome
  4. Hone into your skills and put them into practice
  5. Step into a career that aligns with your purpose

There is no wrong answer. Whatever the path for you may be is what is best for you – and it is possible!

My coaching program is designed to create a path that is geared towards your specific career goals. And what’s even better? I will help guide you to shift into the mindset needed to implement the steps to reach these goals.

Sometimes I have clients that are looking to do both, grow and go! One example is a client who came to me with a full-time career and several businesses she was running that she was looking to grow. Her goal in working with me was to focus on growing her side hustles into an organization with a global impact and creating a mindset for success. While planning her global take-over, she also wanted to grow in her career to earn the money needed to sustain her lifestyle while building her side-hustles.

Through three months of mindset work, challenging her views of success and the type of impact she wanted to have, she discovered that going all-in on her corporate career would provide the significance, impact, and life goals she wanted to achieve. As a result of our work together, she concluded that her multiple side hustles were created as a measure of how other people would define her as “a success.”

Once she defined success on her terms, we created an impactful and aligned pathway in her career. Within six months, she received a promotion, a $15,000 raise, and started a family. She is living aligned on her terms with joy and an incredible career, and that is exactly what I help my clients achieve: career and life alignment.

I’m curious to know which one you’d choose – Grow or Go?

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