October 3rd, 2022

by Stephanie Ritz

Finding Strength In Numbers

You’re busy building your business alongside your 9-5 and I know what you’re thinking…

“I do NOT have time to learn and do ALL THE THINGS I need to do, to grow my business.”

“But, when does it make sense to outsource? What should I be outsourcing? And where do I find great team members?”

These are all great questions – let’s talk them through… First things first, outsourcing or building a team is an essential element of scaling every successful business. Knowing where your zone of genius lies and choosing to leverage other professionals in areas that are NOT your specialty is smart, scalable, and sustainable.

Choosing to do it all yourself without a support strategy can quickly turn into burnout, resentment towards your business and escalate a fear of failure. Building a business from scratch is really overwhelming when you are doing it alone so let’s talk solutions!

The Benefits of Outsourcing Early

Whenever someone asks me “when should I outsource?”, my answer is always “TODAY!” If you’ve never started a business in the online space before, the sooner the better to get support on building your business foundations and strategy so you don’t waste time, energy and money creating a business that isn’t profitable and sustainable.

What’s the benefit of hiring a business coach when your business is just a baby?

Well, my zone of genius is helping you avoid unnecessary roadblocks, save money on unnecessary expenses, build a profitable and long-lasting business the first time around, supporting you to use your time on the essential business-building activities in your business and helping you stay in a success mindset through the process.

And I can assist you in outsourcing at the right time to maximize your ROI, here’s how:

  1. Guide you on which areas of your business to hand off so you can gain back essential time in your business
  2. Provide you with a list of dependable third parties and independent contractors that you can hire for the tasks you plan to outsource
  3. Guide you through the process of onboarding your new hires so that they have clear direction and expectations
  4. Support you in defining your role as a CEO when managing your team

Hiring the right business coach will be like breathing a sigh of relief when trying to figure out all the things in building your business and that’s the energy you want to have to make the absolute best decisions in outsourcing any tasks in your business.

Now, in addition to booking an initial consultation with me (which you should do), here is a mini action plan you can take home today and reference as you start your outsourcing journey:

Initial Outsourcing Action Plan


Write a list of every INCOME GENERATING task that needs to be done in your business that someone else can do. Things like…

  1. Managing emails and client inquiries
  2. Content creation for social media
  3. Invoicing clients and organizing finances

Inventory how much time these tasks are taking you to complete and how effective you are at managing them. If these tasks can be done more efficiently in a way that will increase your bottom line and/or save you time to do more of the tasks that you need to show up for (discovery calls, lives, etc…) then they may be the right tasks to outsource.


Outsourcing requires organization and communication. That’s why knowing (and having) processes for the things you delegate is essential! With processes in place, you’ll set and manage expectations and direct your team with ease.

How do you define your processes?

For the next few weeks, every time you do a business task, either record a Loom of you doing it or write out the task step-by-step on a Google Doc. Then, when the time comes to hire, you will know EXACTLY what your processes are and it will be a breeze to prepare clean-cut SOPs for your new team members.


Value alignment is so vital to the success of your team! It helps you shape a team that resonates with your brand and connects with your unique vibe and flow. 

For example, are deadlines more important than creative freedom? That’s just one thing you can think about before you begin your search for the perfect service provider.

Following these 3 steps to build your team or outsource tasks will help you keep your investment aligned with either time saved or more money earned!

And schedule a complimentary Assessment Call HERE so that I can help save you time, money and energy in building your business. In just a 15-minute call, you’ll walk away knowing the exact next steps you need to take in building your business.


About The Author

Stephanie Ritz is a business strategist and mindset coach who empowers her clients to tap into their strengths, skills, and desires to build a coaching or consulting business alongside their full-time job. Her unique approach combines mindset coaching with business strategy to help corporate professionals create a profitable and sustainable business that they love so that they can make the transition into full time entrepreneurship with confidence.

Stephanie developed her coaching and mentoring skills through training as a Certified Coach and an NLP Master Practitioner and drawing on her own professional experience. Starting as a single, teen mom, she put herself through school and went on to corporate leadership roles in multiple industries while starting two successful businesses.

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