Content Strategy Intensive

Start showing up online with effective, STRATEGIC content that has you attracting and connecting with your most ideal clients.


In this intensive we will use my Personally Yours content method to create a 90-day content strategy so that you can walk away knowing exactly what to post on your preferred platforms to reach your ideal clients on repeat!

Stephanie Ritz
Stephanie Ritz working at laptop

Does this feel familiar…

Every day when you sit down at your computer to work on your business, you stare at the blank screen and notice yourself thinking…

👉 I’m excited to start signing clients, but how I do find them?

👉 Where do I post or advertise? What kind of content should I create?

👉 How often do I post? Do I need to be selling in every post?

👉 Do I need to go live on video?

👉 I’m just not sure what I’m suppose to be doing!

It’s overwhelming to figure out all of these things on your own, which means more often than you’d like to admit, you don’t show up the way you want to, market your services consistently and wonder if the dream for your business is just that…a dream.

Together we can change that in this intensive. In 2 hours together we will create a customized strategy for your business so that you can start marketing with confidence knowing exactly when, where and what to post to start attracting and connecting with your ideal clients.

Imagine in just 2 hours having a customized 90-day content strategy that you can use on repeat…

Using my Personally Yours content method, we will create a customized strategy that will magnatize clients to you and build connection with unique killer content.


Master Your Message

We will master your message so that you are searchable and have a clear and dynamic way to articulate what you do and who you serve.


Platform Power

We will select which platforms will be most powerful for you to connect with your target market so that you can maximize your time and efforts in the right online spaces.


Personally Yours - Content That Converts

We will outline 3 months of content that is Personally Yours. You will have a unique content strategy with a personalized plan on exactly what content you will post that is designed to attract and connect with your target market on your preferred platforms.

Together we will reduce hours of trial and error and indecision fatigue on figuring out where and what to post so that you can start attracting in those ideal clients NOW.

You will be amazed at how much we can cover in our time together and you will walk away knowing exactly what you need to do next in marketing your business effectively!

From Corporate Professional To

Confident Entrepreneur

Coffee Mug and notebook

Hey there, if we haven’t met yet, I’m Steph. Helping corporate professionals, just like you, to start and grow their coaching or consulting business and a life of freedom and abundance is my passion!

I have 20 years of corporate leadership experience in business operations, entrepreneurship and an ICF mindset certification. Using my education and years of experience I have been able to successfully help my clients start and grow their own businesses from the ground up. And I love it!

Passion is an important component of success. I love what I do and I can’t wait to help you build your dream business!

When I started my business, I was a single mom, working full time and supporting my son who had just left for college. One year later I transitioned to traveling full-time and I have been ever since.

Having strategically weaved my personal story into my content alongside my expertise has had such an incredible impact on attracting my ideal audience. This is how I developed my Personally Yours content strategy that I look forward to sharing with you so that you can start attracting in your ideal clients too!

When I found myself hitting this point of frustration that was almost intolerable and I was feeling incredibly stuck, I knew that I needed to reach out to her. In our work together she helped me to get clarity, she helped me to get unstuck, she helped get direction on my messaging and marketing so that I can move forward and expand my business. And she did that all coming from a place of compassion, of non-judgement and gave me not only the mindset tools that I needed but the action steps to combine the two to bridge the gap between knowing and doing. I couldn’t be more grateful for the relationship I’ve had with Steph and the way she helped me to grow my business.

Jen Rose

Holistic Life & Wellness Coach

“Before working with Steph I struggled with clarity in my coaching business. I didn’t know who I am as a coach, who my client is and how I want to serve them. I felt like there is a big, cluttered pile of things I needed to do and I didn’t know where to start, and how to get things done. Steph took me step by step closer to what started to look like a business and my confidence and belief in myself grew along with it. I loved working with Steph and I highly recommend her to anyone who wants to do the work and get their professional and personal dreams off the ground, and transform their lives.”

Ilze Burnevica

Confidence Coach

Stephanie Ritz working at laptop

Your Intensive Includes:

  • One 2-hour zoom session

  • A Personally Yours 90-day content plan

  • 1 week of email support after your intensive

  • Option to roll your Intensive investment into VIP coaching program

  • BONUS: One-week post-intensive follow-up call

Investment: $795

When you make this investment in your business, you will:


🌟 Walk away with a personally designed 90-day content strategy that you can use on repeat so that you can focus more of your time on connecting with your audience and converting clients

🌟 Have an expert to strategize with you on how to articulate exactly what you do so that you are searchable and it’s clear why people would want to connect with you

🌟 Feel empowered in your decision to choose the right platforms for you and your ideal audience

🌟 Collaborate with an experienced coach on content that converts and is crafted to highlight what makes you unique in the marketplace

You deserve to have expert support in your business so that you can feel excited to take next steps with confidence.

This intensive that will provide you with exactly what you need for your content strategy and I’m excited to co-create with you so that you are one step closer to signing dream clients with ease!

Coffee Mug and notebook