Create Side-Hustle Success For Corporate Professionals!


The Ultimate Case Study To Go From Corporate to Entrepreneur In Less Than 24 Months


 This is for corporate professionals who desire to transition into a profitable and sustainable coaching or consulting business!

Stephanie Ritz
Stephanie Ritz
Inside this case study, you’ll learn the exact steps I took to start and grow my business that you can apply to starting your own business as well. You’ll receive journal prompts and exercises to create the clarity and actions to help you start your coaching or consulting business. Here’s what’s inside:
  • Starting With Why
  • Part 1- What Will My Business Be: Discover the keys to using what you already know to start a business
  • Part 2- From Objections to Action: The simple yet powerful strategy for working through fear and overwhelm to create your dream business
  • Part 3- Enlisting Support to Launch: Discover how to carve out the time to work on your business without sacrificing time for the things you love
  • Part 4- Launch To First Client: 3 strategies for launching your business and signing your first client
  • Part 5- The Pivot: How to know when you should make a change in your business…because all businesses go through change in their first year or two
  • Part 6- Growing While Traveling: How to create your dream business while living your life of freedom
  • Part 7- Handing In My Notice: Making the transition without feeling like you’re leaving anything on the table
  • Insider Look: Apply my Launch List and Business Building Activities to your new business!
A bit about me:

Hi, I’m Steph, a single mom, adventure junkie, Philadelphia Eagles fan, business coach and world traveler. After spending 15 years in corporate, a tough relationship transition, and a cancelled bucket-list trip due to the events of 2020, I decided I wanted more in my life, both personally and professionally. And that’s where this journey started.

Today, I’m traveling around the world with my business that I love and now I get to bring clients along with me! Creating impact with my clients, being able to visit my son whenever I want (or as much as he’ll let me lol) and visiting new countries around the world has truly changed my life. And thanks to technology, I get to watch my Eagles from everywhere in the world!

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