CAREER | December 23, 2020

Benefits Of Working With a Career Consultant and Mindset Coach

by Stephanie Ritz

Today, I’m sharing the benefits of working with an experienced career consultant and mindset transformation coach and why you should start right now. My program gives you the benefits of both!

7 Expectations of Working With a Career Consultant & Mindset Coach


You want to make significant changes in your life and career but aren’t sure where to start and you feel stuck. You’ve worked hard to get where you are now and want to pivot or advance to the next level but you don’t want to go off course without feeling confident that you are ready.

That’s where I step in. I provide clients with a unique combination of career consulting and mindset transformation coaching. Using my proven framework, I help my clients identify their goals and achieve them. An actionable plan + confident mindset = success!

If you’re unsure whether this kind of support is the right fit for you, let this blog be your guide. Today, I’m sharing the benefits of working with an experienced career consultant and mindset transformation coach and why you should start working with one right now.

Mindset Transformation Coaching

Mindset transformation coaching helps you to change and overcome your deep-seated beliefs and ways of thinking. It’s often these subconscious beliefs that get in your way and keep you from accomplishing what you want. Mindset transformation coaching allows you to create meaningful changes in every area of your life.

I’ve been in your shoes. I’ve looked up the corporate ladder and wondered how to position myself to get promoted. With mindset transformation coaching, I can guide you in shifting your mindset to believe in what’s possible. Here are some of the steps we cover.

1. Transform Your Attitude

Mindset transformation coaching with Stephanie Ritz helps you achieve your goals.

Our attitudes influence our actions. There’s a saying I like, “Your attitude, not your aptitude, will determine your altitude.” It doesn’t matter how capable you are or how much you want to succeed. Without a good attitude, you’ll put limits on yourself before anyone else can. 

With mindset transformation coaching, you’ll learn how to change your attitude to one that manifests positive changes. You’ll begin to understand that the way you see yourself and the way you see the world controls just how far you can go.

2. Identify and Resolve Limiting Beliefs

Many of us carry belief patterns and systems that we aren’t even aware we have. We walk around with beliefs that limit our potential or keep us from accomplishing the things we’re trying so hard to achieve. Mindset transformation coaching guides you through examining buried thinking patterns and bringing them up to your conscious mind. There, we work through them and replace those beliefs, so you can chase your dreams unhindered.

3. Change Your Money Mindset

#MoneyMindset is a pretty trendy term these days, and that’s because people realize that ultimately, they control how much money they can make! Your money mindset is your belief system and attitude around you guessed it: money. 

Asking for the compensation you deserve can be a challenging step that many women struggle with. Learning to develop a money mindset that empowers you to recognize the salary you deserve based on your skills and qualifications is essential. When you know your value, and grow the confidence to ask for it, you open the door to opportunities to discuss and negotiate for the compensation you’ve earned.

Shifting from a scarcity mindset (“There’s never enough”) to an abundance mindset (“There’s limitless potential”) with money will pave the way for you to seek opportunities for yourself and value your progress. With the right mindset transformation coach, you can change how you think and feel about money and become more financially confident.

4. Elevate Your Energy

You may not realize it but your energy plays a significant role in everything you do. Your energy vibrations, or your overall state of being, have the power to attract other energies. Energy grows where energy goes. 

If your energy vibrations are high, authentic, and positive, you’ll notice other positive energies are drawn to you. Low energy vibrations indicate fear, anxiety, and sadness, and that is exactly what they attract. Working with a mindset transformation coach, you can elevate your energy vibrations and begin to cultivate higher energies around you.

Working With a Career Consultant

Career consulting is key to aligning your personal goals and with your professional path. If you want to work to live and not live to work, your personal goals must align with your career ambitions. 

I figured out a formula that helped me reach a salary benchmark through advancing in my career which aligned with my lifestyle goals. I learned that building meaningful relationships, identifying essential skills for the job I wanted, advocating for myself, and capitalizing on the right timing created a path to my career progression. I share my perspective as someone who’s successfully blazed her own trail, and to help you find the confidence to be assertive, voice your opinions, and pursue the opportunities you deserve. 

5. Build Confidence to Self-Advocate

Feeling confident about the value you bring to the table gives you the boost you need to effectively communicate, be assertive, influence others, and stand out from the crowd. With career consulting, you will learn to take strategic action to confidently reach your goals. Career consulting with Stephanie Ritz will help you find the confidence to be

Confidence in the workplace is something that many women struggle with. I know because I’ve been there. That’s why it’s so important to me that women learn how to self-advocate, be assertive, and speak up for themselves. When you work with a career consultant like me, you get practical guidance based on real-experience that will help you find your voice. I learned how to do it, and with my help, you can, too.

6. Gain Clarity and Find Your Focus

One of the hardest parts about finding your way forward and upward in your career is figuring out which path is right for you. Finding your focus and gaining clarity about where you truly want is the most crucial part of getting there! A career consultant guides you through identifying your strengths, desires, and possibilities for your future. With my support, my clients identify career paths they are excited about and that align with their personal goals, develop an action plan to achieve their goals, and stay on track with accountability and guidance.

7. Develop Meaningful Connections

I attribute a lot of my success to something I learned early on in my career: building relationships is essential. Creating meaningful relationships with your colleagues and superiors is important to standing out in your workplace. Seeking potential mentors and developing relationships with them lets you learn the ropes from people who have been there already.

Working with a career consultant will help you identify key decision-makers and mentors and strategize how you can build those relationships. As an experienced career consultant, I can help you navigate reaching out to the right people and determining the best way to connect with them.

Hard work is the backbone of rising through the ranks, but creating meaningful connections opens the door to various opportunities. When people know and like you, they’re more likely to think of you when it comes time for hiring decisions and promotions. 

Final Thoughts

The benefits of working with a career consultant and mind transformation coach are endless, and if the highlights I’ve outlined above resonate with you, it’s time for you to get started! My program combines the best of consulting and coaching: giving you guidance and advice and coaching you to develop a mindset for success and happiness. If you’re ready to get started, I can help you navigate the steps ahead. Let’s talk! Contact me to set up a Possibilities Call. We’ll discuss your career goals and how I can help you achieve them.

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