Do you hear that whispering voice

telling you that you deserve more?

Maybe it’s more money: more vacations, buying that new car, not needing to settle for ‘budget’ experiences you don’t enjoy, paying down debt, college savings for your children, hiring a cleaning service or personal trainer

Maybe it’s more options: to travel when you want, to not have to make every choice around your debt, to not be pressured into certain positions at work or being limited in your career path, the option to change your job (without the huge financial impact), wanting to leave a relationship, feeling able to say yes/no when you want

Maybe it’s more fulfillment: doing work you really enjoy, impacting others, feeling truly in your purpose, being in control over effort/reward (in a way you don’t get in corporate), choosing the type of work you’re going to do and clients you serve, new community/connections outside of work

Or maybe it’s more safety: not worrying about layoffs/terminations/takeovers, not worrying about additional expenses popping up (without additional income to cover it-  because your business income is uncapped), creating a work environment where you can thrive and feel excited and satisfied, having a full understanding of your financial landscape and being in charge of that in a new way. 

I’m glad you’re here. I’ve worked to achieve my desire for more and now I’d love to help you achieve yours.

Creating more of

what you deserve

At 22, I was a single mom, in college full-time, building a side business, and working in an office part-time, and was supposed to start my career there once I graduated. Just before graduation, the office closed and my position was eliminated.

I decided to leverage the side business I had created (and moved from part-time extra income to full-time income) and was able to be a stay-at-home mom for several years for my young son because I had that second income stream.

Five years later I entered the corporate world and had quickly risen to a leadership position, and once again I had been a part of a transition that eliminated my position (and by then had given up my second income stream) and had no additional income to fall back on. I had to use my emergency funds for four months and had to take the first opportunity that I could get to avoid depleting my savings.

I started this business alongside my corporate career in business operations for a greater sense of purpose and fulfillment, but the additional income also helped support my full-time travel lifestyle and provided me with the financial safety I never had in corporate. Now I feel more fulfilled and financially independent than ever before.

A different kind of coaching

I’ve synthesized my extensive business experience with years of training to create my signature process of consulting and coaching. I combine the best practices of mindset coaching, mentorship, and business strategy to provide professional women with a uniquely empowering experience of clarity and an actionable plan that paves the way for creating a second income stream alongside their current job.

I believe the best coaches can back up real-life experience with trusted credentials, which is why I built my coaching career on my own hard-earned insights as well as specific training including:

Certified Coach

Becoming a Certified Coach through The Clique Academy, an ICF Accredited Program

BA in Communications

Earning my B.A. in Communications from Temple University

Executive Leadership

Achieving Certification from the Executive Leadership Institute for Women, The Leader’s Edge/Leaders by Design

NLP Master Practitioner

Becoming an NLP Master Practitioner with Distinction through the Centre of Excellence

Leadership Certification

Attaining a Leadership Certification in Company Culture, Leadership & Best-In-Class Service from The Ritz-Carlton Leadership Center

My vision for you

The first thing I want you to know is that you have permission to want more. You don’t have to settle, you can create options to design the life you desire. You deserve more. You do not have to pick between professional success and personal happiness. They are not mutually exclusive. In fact, they actually go hand-in-hand. You deserve them both. You can have them both. The more we pursue our dreams with confidence and joy, the better our personal lives, our professional lives, and our society will be.

My vision for you is a life of meaning, financial independence, and personal fulfillment that you define, claim and enjoy. If that’s your vision too and you’re ready to make it happen, let’s talk.

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